Entertainment Law

We represent clients in the entertainment industry, including clients that work in television, movies, radio and other media.  Some of our clients appear on SiriusXM, NBC, CNN and other networks.  In these representations we act as corporate/business counsel, and rights clearance counsel, as well as reviewing agreements with agents, promoters, and similar persons in the entertainment industry.  We affiliate with a firm in Los Angeles that is a full time entertainment law firm for some of our clients, when they need services we cannot provide.  We are best thought of as the legal conscience for these clients, who need a double check on the terms of a deal.

What we do not do is negotiate business rates (our clients have agents for that), nor do we act as an “agent” – meaning we do not accept contingency payments in a deal.  We have for example reviewed engagement letters with other lawyers who do this, and assisted clients in hiring other professionals who are better characterized as “agents” than lawyers.