Privacy Policy

We are lawyers and our obligations to our clients are defined by state ethical rules, which generally prohibit us from sharing your personal and confidential information with third parties unless you expressly consent, or you waive your rights, whether expressly or impliedly. This Policy does not affect or modify in any way our ethical obligations to our clients.

You may use a contact form on this website to submit contact information to us. Such information does not constitute attorney client confidential information and does not establish such an attorney client relationship between us, therefore DO NOT PROVIDE US WITH CONFIDENTIAL OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. That contact form produces an email sent to us, which is stored within our email service provider’s email system (Microsoft 365) , which is cloud based. Microsoft has its own policies regarding the storage of your Personal Information. See Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Some third parties listed below may have access to some of your Personal Information (such as your IP address, browser identity and similar meta data) as a result of use of this website and/or the use of a contact form on this website:

  • Mailgun ( – this is our external email service provider. Email sent to us from the contact form on this site routes through them, and they may have access to Personal Information, such as your IP address, in the email headers. They have their own privacy statement in regards to their privacy policies.
  • WordPress ( – we use portions of their JetPack service that provides us statistics on use of our website. They have their own privacy statement in regards to their aggregation of your Personal Information, such as your IP address.
  • Google Fonts. The theme we use for our website uses Google Fonts. The Google Font API discloses thier privacy policies here:
  • Linking to social media – we provide links to some of our social media account pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN). Those sites have their own policies regarding the collection and use of your Personal Information.

The dynamic nature of the internet and the above services does not permit us to list every known component of Personal Information that those sites or services may have access to, collect, or use – which often change. We recommend that you use secure browsers, use the general privacy control (GPC) setting in your browser, and relevant plugins, to protect your privacy rights, such as:

  • Privacy Badger (developed by the EFF, it assists in blocking third party tracking technology)
  • Ublock Origin (an extension that also assists in blocking tracking and data use accross sites)

We ourselves do not manually share any Personal Information generated by use of this site with anyone; however as noted above, use of this site does generate data at the above listed sites, which do collect and aggregate some Personal Information that is generated by standard browsing.

No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes; all the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.