Client Spotlight: Bloomery Plantation Distillery

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Bloomery Plantation Distillery, LLC
Grand Re-Opening
16357 Charles Town Road, Charles Town, WV   25414

Oliver & Grimsley’s client, Bloomery Plantation Distillery, has mastered the art of crafting home-grown, natural fruit cordials, and a variety of flavored liqueurs. Located on a 12-acre farm, in Charles Town, West Virginia, Bloomery Plantation Distillery restored and transformed an 1840s, abandoned log cabin and created a charming mini-distillery where the owners of the distillery make artisan cordials by hand from their farm’s own lemons, raspberries, and other farm-fresh ingredients.

In October 2010, after returning from Italy, the owners of Bloomery Plantation went on a quest to find the best limoncello in America. Wanting to replicate the taste and experience of that wonderful Italian trip, the owners became enamored with making their own limoncello.

Since then, Bloomery Plantation Distillery has crafted a variety of SweetShines, from the original Limoncello, to Chocolate Raspberry, to Peach ‘Shine, to their proprietary Raspberry Lemon, to their “Moonshine Milkshake Cremma Lemma.” Other flavors include, Black Walnut, Ginger Shine, Hard Lemonade, Seasonal Pumpkin Spice, and the newest flavor: Cranberry Clementine.

Bloomery Plantation Distillery has won over 20 international awards for its unique and inventive cordials and for the creative artwork featured on the labels that adorns its bottles.

Savor inventive spirits and exclusive cocktails, and experience attentive service, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the distillery’s historic 1840s log cabin distillery and tasting room where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River in Charles Town, West Virginia. Only 1.5 hours away from Baltimore and D.C.

More about Bloomery Plantation Distillery and products may be found on the website:

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