Ship Ahoy!: Distillery Ages Specialty Rum Aboard U.S.S. Constellation in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Constellation Rum is a speciality project from Tobacco Barn Distillery that started in 2016, when the distillery first hauled barrels containing 100 gallons of rum into the ship hold of the U.S.S. Constellation, docked in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Working together with the Historic Ships in Baltimore organization, the Distillery made the idea come to life–to make a rum entirely of Maryland ingredients and aged under natural seaboard conditions for a year’s time, instilling an exclusive flavor profile characteristic to the product. The ebb and flow of the harbor tide provides constant movement, sloshing the rum throughout the bourbon soaked barrels, and with the Baltimore weather – the rum is exposed to an extreme range of temperatures ranging between approximately 10 and 100 degrees. After a year’s time, the barrels are unloaded from the historic ship and returned to the Distillery, where the rum is bottled, labeled, and fitted for sale.

This aging process has become an annual tradition for the distillery.  Every March, barrels are loaded and unloaded each year and and prepared for sale in May, just in time for spring.  Tobacco Barn donates a generous portion of the rum sale proceeds to the Historic Ships organization in support of their mission to preserve Maritime heritage.

Tobacco Barn Distillery is located in Southern Maryland and crafts various whiskies and rums.  For more information on Tobacco Barn’s products and where to find them, you can view their website here.

Oliver & Grimsley, LLC, a Baltimore area intellectual property law firm, has been instrumental in securing trademarks for Tobacco Barn Distillery and advancing the Distillery’s branding endeavors which impacts valuation for the business.  Please contact Oliver & Grimsley for more information on investigating, securing, and enforcing your business’ intellectual property.


This Spring, Stop and Smell the Roses: Bloomery Plantation Releases New Sweetshine®

Chilly weather has been plaguing us for longer than usual this spring, but we’re seeing a seasonal shift!  The folks of Bloomery Plantation Distillery have coaxed in the warmer weather with a newly launched product that joins the trademark-branded Sweetshine ® ranks of its internationally acclaimed flavored spirits!

Making its official debut, Saffron Rose Sweetshine ® tastes of rose, orange, and hints of saffron, and exhibits the champion-style quality of its family spirits, having been honored with the Silver Medal in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  In addition, the creative artwork of the lovely lady, Miss Rose, adorning the Sweetshine ® label, is indicative of the signature trade dress featured on all Sweetshine ® products and is complimentary to the portfolio of award-winning label illustrations.  

Together with having a quality product, Bloomery Plantation’s successful brand foundation is based on its intellectual property, which is built upon its registered trademarks, and distinguishable trade dress creating an iconic look and feel of its products.  Through these efforts, Bloomery Plantation has set its business and products apart from other distilleries and products in the industry.

A protectable trademark and brand are essential components of a prosperous business foundation, directly impacting business viability and valuation.  Bloomery Plantation has taken its business to a new level by using its intellectual property, registered trademarks and creative trade dress, to visually distinguish its product, increase brand recognition among consumers, and increase product visibility and placement on retail store shelves.  Together with a number of factors, including hard work and a quality product, Bloomery Plantation’s new trademark and branding campaign has increased valuation for the Bloomery Sweetshine ® business, along with also playing a part in the business’ increased sales revenue.  Our law firm was instrumental in helping Bloomery Plantation secure its intellectual property in its new branding efforts.  We advise clients during the product naming process, perform trademark investigative clearance searches, draft and file trademark and copyright applications with governments, both U.S. and abroad, and handle applications throughout the entire government examination process.  In addition, our firm also assists with maintaining protection and enforcing intellectual property against unauthorized third-party users.

We wish our client, Bloomery Plantation, the very best on its new product release!  See more about Bloomery Plantation and its award-winning and creatively flavored liqueurs, here.

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HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” TV Show Integrates Personal Passions into Home Decor with Patents

HGTV’s Fixer Upper TV Show provides a creative touch and teaches home owners how to extend individual passions into a surrounding living space from an artistic vantage point.  Whether you’re into movies, music, or videogames, spice up your interior decorating in a fun and creative way with patents.

A patent is a protective property right relating to an invention and granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for a limited time period.  In exchange, the inventor is required to disclosure the invention to the public via the government application process.  One step in the patent application process is submitting technical drawings of the invention.  While fulfilling specialized requirements, often these drawings will also feature artistic characteristics and highlight the beauty of the subject matter, focusing in on the engineering construction of the invention and displaying a number of views.

In a recent segment of Fixer Upper on HGTV, a couple of music lovers created framed wall prints for a variety of patents, integrating their personal passion of musical instruments, including, a guitar, piano, and a drum.  

With the variety of patent subject areas, plenty of options exist for decorating.  Maybe you’re a fan of gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii, or XBox.  If so, you could choose to frame a print of the original patent for nostalgia’s sake.  Film or movie buff?  Then select a motion picture, film projector patent.  Or if you’re an individual inventor, you could decorate using your own patent!

For more information about patents and intellectual property matters, please contact  Pamela K. Riewerts, Esq., partner and patent attorney at Oliver & Grimsley, LLC.  Pamela may be reached via email at:

*Note, the source of government issued and published patent images: The United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Congratulations to Our Client: “Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show” Wins Emmy Award

Hard Work and Hustle Pay Off:  Congratulations to our client, Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show for taking home an Emmy Award for “Interactivity” at New York’s 61st Annual Emmy Awards on April 14, 2018. The Emmy Awards Show celebrates talented television creators and media professionals in the industry. See Mario’s Emmy Award acceptance speech on behalf of the Show here.  In addition to the Show’s award win, Mario Armstrong was also nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as Program Host.

Recently celebrating its one-year anniversary, the Never Settle Show has been an industry game-changer in television broadcasting. By blending traditional TV production and innovative technology, the Show engages with a real-time audience from all over the world for participation in the Show by live video streaming and connecting with social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, and YouTube Live.  The real-time audience communicates and interacts with guests through the Show’s social media.

In 2010, Mario Armstrong won an Emmy Award for Best TV Show Host and he was honored with another nomination in 2015 and again in 2018.  The Show recently finished its second season and is looking forward to announcing its third season.

Produced by Al Roker Entertainment and Never Settle Productions, the Never Settle Show airs each Wednesday at 7 P.M. ET/4 P.M. PT in New York City in front of a live studio audience. Viewers can watch and interact with the show through Entrepreneur Media’s Facebook page on: and The Never Settle Show,

The entire team at Oliver & Grimsley, LLC wishes Mario and the Never Settle team continued success – Congrats on all your hard work!  You did it!



Oliver & Grimsley, LLC Celebrates 5 Years at Basignani Winery in Sparks, Maryland

Our team at Oliver & Grimsley, LLC recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary at Basignani Winery in Sparks, Maryland.

The owners, Bert and Lynne Basignani, opened the winery in 1986.  Having grown now to three vineyards, Basignani Winery features a variety of dry red and white wines as well as deliciously sweet wines. 

We enjoyed our anniversary celebration in the winery’s outdoor pavilion and patio area while enjoying a lovely view of the vineyards.  The winery host events throughout the year such as Pizza Class, Friday Night Cafe (featuring live music), and Movie Night, and is open Wednesdays to Sundays for wine tastings, from 11:30am to 5:30pm.

A special thank you to Bert and Lynne Basignani for allowing us to host our special event at the winery and for letting us enjoy Basignani Maryland wine!