Best Law Firm and Best Lawyer Awards 2018

The greatest compliment we receive are referrals from other lawyers, professionals and clients.  Those are the most meaningful recognition in our view.  However, a whole industry of “legal awards” has grown up in our profession, and each year it grows in apparent importance to younger lawyers entering the professions, and even more veteran lawyers.  So we here again present some of the awards for which we have recently been recognized.  For the 5th year in a row, and for all years of our small firm’s existence, we are again honored to receive recognition for 2018 as a US News and World Reports Best Law Firm in many areas, including Tier 1 in Baltimore for Copyright Law and Information Technology Law and a national ranking for Information Technology Law.  In addition, we are pleased to report that Michael D. Oliver has been recognized as US News and World Reports Lawyer of the Year (Baltimore) for 2018 in the field of Copyright Law.  Mike has previously been named Lawyer of the Year in Baltimore as follows:  2016 – Information Technology Law, 2015 – Trademark Law, 2014 – Copyright Law and 2012 – Trademark Law.  The Lawyer of the Year recognition is made for only one lawyer in a specified field and geographic area.