Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

by | May 1, 2023 | Firm Matters

Ten years ago today Kim and I arrived at our new temporary offices to start the firm. On our first anniversary I did a short retrospective of that 1st year. I do not recall having any thoughts of how long or even if we would be around in 5 or 10 years – it was more just surviving day to day back then.

A lot has happened over the years but we have been blessed that our core team has remained in tact and we have been able to hire Jen to help Kim and her growing Trademark practice thrive. We would not have made it 10 years without Larry, Karri, Tina and Jen with us, and also Lisa, Melissa, Adam and Pamela – all who helped us along the way.

We also would not have come this far without our clients. We are very thankful of the trust our clients put in us, many of whom have been with us from the start. We strive every day to provide a great work environment for our staff, and great personal, professional, efficient and knowledgeable legal service to our clients.

While our practice is very busy and at least I still take it day by day, with 10 years behind us, we can now look forward to another 10 years!

Best regards, Mike

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