This Spring, Stop and Smell the Roses: Bloomery Plantation Releases New Sweetshine®

Chilly weather has been plaguing us for longer than usual this spring, but we’re seeing a seasonal shift!  The folks of Bloomery Plantation Distillery have coaxed in the warmer weather with a newly launched product that joins the trademark-branded Sweetshine ® ranks of its internationally acclaimed flavored spirits!

Making its official debut, Saffron Rose Sweetshine ® tastes of rose, orange, and hints of saffron, and exhibits the champion-style quality of its family spirits, having been honored with the Silver Medal in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  In addition, the creative artwork of the lovely lady, Miss Rose, adorning the Sweetshine ® label, is indicative of the signature trade dress featured on all Sweetshine ® products and is complimentary to the portfolio of award-winning label illustrations.  

Together with having a quality product, Bloomery Plantation’s successful brand foundation is based on its intellectual property, which is built upon its registered trademarks, and distinguishable trade dress creating an iconic look and feel of its products.  Through these efforts, Bloomery Plantation has set its business and products apart from other distilleries and products in the industry.

A protectable trademark and brand are essential components of a prosperous business foundation, directly impacting business viability and valuation.  Bloomery Plantation has taken its business to a new level by using its intellectual property, registered trademarks and creative trade dress, to visually distinguish its product, increase brand recognition among consumers, and increase product visibility and placement on retail store shelves.  Together with a number of factors, including hard work and a quality product, Bloomery Plantation’s new trademark and branding campaign has increased valuation for the Bloomery Sweetshine ® business, along with also playing a part in the business’ increased sales revenue.  Our law firm was instrumental in helping Bloomery Plantation secure its intellectual property in its new branding efforts.  We advise clients during the product naming process, perform trademark investigative clearance searches, draft and file trademark and copyright applications with governments, both U.S. and abroad, and handle applications throughout the entire government examination process.  In addition, our firm also assists with maintaining protection and enforcing intellectual property against unauthorized third-party users.

We wish our client, Bloomery Plantation, the very best on its new product release!  See more about Bloomery Plantation and its award-winning and creatively flavored liqueurs, here.

For more information on creating, securing, and protecting your Product, Trademark, and Brand, please contact Pamela K. Riewerts, Esq., Partner and Intellectual Property Attorney at Oliver & Grimsley, LLC.  Pamela may be reached via email at:


Congratulations to Our Client: “Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show” Wins Emmy Award

Hard Work and Hustle Pay Off:  Congratulations to our client, Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show for taking home an Emmy Award for “Interactivity” at New York’s 61st Annual Emmy Awards on April 14, 2018. The Emmy Awards Show celebrates talented television creators and media professionals in the industry. See Mario’s Emmy Award acceptance speech on behalf of the Show here.  In addition to the Show’s award win, Mario Armstrong was also nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as Program Host.

Recently celebrating its one-year anniversary, the Never Settle Show has been an industry game-changer in television broadcasting. By blending traditional TV production and innovative technology, the Show engages with a real-time audience from all over the world for participation in the Show by live video streaming and connecting with social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, and YouTube Live.  The real-time audience communicates and interacts with guests through the Show’s social media.

In 2010, Mario Armstrong won an Emmy Award for Best TV Show Host and he was honored with another nomination in 2015 and again in 2018.  The Show recently finished its second season and is looking forward to announcing its third season.

Produced by Al Roker Entertainment and Never Settle Productions, the Never Settle Show airs each Wednesday at 7 P.M. ET/4 P.M. PT in New York City in front of a live studio audience. Viewers can watch and interact with the show through Entrepreneur Media’s Facebook page on: and The Never Settle Show,

The entire team at Oliver & Grimsley, LLC wishes Mario and the Never Settle team continued success – Congrats on all your hard work!  You did it!



Brigance Brigade Foundation Championship Race

Oliver & Grimsley is proud to again sponsor Firm client the Brigance Brigade‘s Foundation 5.7K Championship Race and 1.57 Mile Family Run/Walk on Sunday, April 30th honoring former Baltimore Ravens player O.J. Brigance and his 10 year battle with ALS!  This year we are sponsoring the newest event – a Corn Hole Tournament.

In addition, our very own Tina Neuman will be joining in on the fun, both running in the event and assisting in the corn hole competition.

You can hear all about in the 98 rock Justin, Scott and Spiegel show interview of Chanda Brigance – make sure to pay close attention at about the 3 minute mark!

If you’re interested in registering for the race or walk, see this link:

The Never Settle Show Airs tonite at 7pm!

Emmy award-winning digital lifestyle expert (and client of the firm) Mario Armstrong is launching his groundbreaking, high-energy, LIVE audience talk show The Never Settle Show in New York City today.

The Never Settle Show is an industry game-changer. The show aims to introduce the new future of broadcasting by blending traditional high-quality TV production and innovative technology to engage with the audience from all over the world in real-time by live video streaming their weekly show.

Taking advantage of faster speed internet and ubiquity of mobile devices, live video streaming has become a critical component on all major social platforms. Technology partner LiveU is the force behind the live video revolution. LiveU’s patented bonding and video transport technology will provide The Never Settle Show viewers with flawless, reliable HD live video transmission for TV, mobile, online and Facebook Live, and the ability to interact with Armstrong and his guests.

Produced by Roker Media, The Never Settle Show will go live for the first time TONITE (April 5th, 2017) and each Wednesday at 7 P.M. ET/4 P.M. PT from the Canary Building in New York City in front of a live studio audience. Viewers can watch and interact with the show through Entrepreneur Media’s Facebook page on: and The Never Settle Show, https://www.NVRSTL.TV/Watch. The show will also be featured as a part of Entrepreneur Media’s New Fronts Lineup on Tuesday, May 9th.

The entire team at Oliver & Grimsley wishes Mario the best for the show – it was a lot of hard work by Mario, Nicole, Shy and their whole team and it will be great!

Client Spotlight – Evolution Craft Brewing

Evolution Craft Brewing Company®

200 Elmwood Street
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
(443) 260-2337

When a Bill Becomes a Law: Oliver & Grimsley’s Client Takes on State Government to Save and Advance Business By Creating New State Law to Regulate the Production of Malt Beverages

A special congratulations to Oliver & Grimsley’s client, Evolution Craft Brewing Company® (“EVO”), that played an instrumental role in advancing Maryland State House Bill 1039 (the “EVO Bill” [PDF])  that was signed into law on May 12, 2015.

This bill raised the Wicomico County, Maryland limit on the number of barrels of malt beverages from 22,500 to 45,000 that a micro-brewery may collectively brew, bottle, or contract for in a calendar year.  With this change, the brewing company is able to keep its current staff and create new jobs.

Evolution Craft Brewing Company features expertly crafted brews including mainline, seasonal, barrel aged, and special beers.  Visit the brewery and elevate your experience with friends by gathering in EVO’s relaxed tasting room where you can sample over 10 varieties of craft beers.  EVO also offers a variety of unique culinary fare at its artisanal restaurant located on site in Salisbury, Maryland.

EVO has won a number of awards for its top-rated craft beers and delicious eats, including its most recent accolades in Men’s Journal where Lot #3 IPA was named one of the “70 Great Beers You’ve Never Heard Of”.  In addition, in Draft Magazine Nouveau Rouge® was ranked “Top 25 Beers of 2013”, and Lot #6 Double IPA® and Exile Red Ale were rated 94, with Menagerie No. 5 receiving a 96 rating.  Also, Evolution Craft Brewing Company has been the recipient of Coastal Style Magazine “Best of Winner 2014”, the Metropolitan Magazine “Best American Restaurant” and “Creative Menu & Best Burgers Winner 2014”.

Some of EVO’s most notable craft beers include:  Main Line Beers–Exile Red Ale, Lot #3 IPA, Lucky 7 Porter, Primal Pale Ale, and Lot #6 Double IPA®.  Award winning and favorite food picks include: the gourmet burgers—the duck confit burger, and the surf & turf burger, the EVO dip sampler, spicy Virginia clams, the artesian charcuterie and cheese selection, and the nightly fresh fish selection.

Savor creative craft beer and inventive culinary creations at Evolution Craft Brewing Company, tasting room, and restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland.

More information may be found on EVO’s website:

Client Spotlight: Bloomery Plantation Distillery

Bloomery Plantation Distillery, LLC
Grand Re-Opening
16357 Charles Town Road, Charles Town, WV   25414

Oliver & Grimsley’s client, Bloomery Plantation Distillery, has mastered the art of crafting home-grown, natural fruit cordials, and a variety of flavored liqueurs. Located on a 12-acre farm, in Charles Town, West Virginia, Bloomery Plantation Distillery restored and transformed an 1840s, abandoned log cabin and created a charming mini-distillery where the owners of the distillery make artisan cordials by hand from their farm’s own lemons, raspberries, and other farm-fresh ingredients.

In October 2010, after returning from Italy, the owners of Bloomery Plantation went on a quest to find the best limoncello in America. Wanting to replicate the taste and experience of that wonderful Italian trip, the owners became enamored with making their own limoncello.

Since then, Bloomery Plantation Distillery has crafted a variety of SweetShines, from the original Limoncello, to Chocolate Raspberry, to Peach ‘Shine, to their proprietary Raspberry Lemon, to their “Moonshine Milkshake Cremma Lemma.” Other flavors include, Black Walnut, Ginger Shine, Hard Lemonade, Seasonal Pumpkin Spice, and the newest flavor: Cranberry Clementine.

Bloomery Plantation Distillery has won over 20 international awards for its unique and inventive cordials and for the creative artwork featured on the labels that adorns its bottles.

Savor inventive spirits and exclusive cocktails, and experience attentive service, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the distillery’s historic 1840s log cabin distillery and tasting room where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River in Charles Town, West Virginia. Only 1.5 hours away from Baltimore and D.C.

More about Bloomery Plantation Distillery and products may be found on the website: